Welcome to NMI

Natural Medicine Institutes (NMI Canada) is a registered Educational Institution, established in 2005, and offers professional educational programs that are specifically designed to provide or improve a person’s skills in a recognized occupation.

Natural Medicine, in modern practice, is the science of healthcare covering Traditional, Complementary/Alternative or Ancient Medicine, which includes a variety of Natural Remedies, manual techniques and therapy that are used to maintain well-being and to treat or prevent disease worldwide.

NMI is proud to introduce the first ever Western Natural Health Sciences program incorporating the Principles and Practice of Natural Medicine.
NMI will offer programs in Eastern Natural Health Sciences incorporating Ayurveda, Yoga & its allied medicine.

Successful graduates of the Western & Eastern Health Sciences program are then able to complete Entry-to-Practice Competencies to enhance their skills and further develop their practice.

Natural Medicine is the largest growing industry in the world and practitioners must continually enhance and expand their knowledge and skills in order to comply with the international standards laid by W.H.O. Benchmark Training.